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Mission Statement:

"To advance the critical thinking and analytical intellect and to pave the future for problem solving abilities in academic situations and in life-long endeavors for each student through the highly engaging game of chess."

Manuel Castillo

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Chess improves the following skills in students who engage in the game frequently:

Concentration- Students are responsible for focusing intently on what is happening on the board in order to respond appropriately. Focusing becomes second nature for students not only while playing chess, but also in other academic or real-world applications.

Self-Discipline- Students will develop their individual style of playing. They will get immediate gratification when they play an excellent game and they will quickly learn from moves that should not have been made. As a result they will remain motivated to increase their own chess ability and apply ideas that are made solely on their own.

Logical Thought- Over time students will naturally think several moves ahead. "Before I make this move I need to think of how my opponent may react to it, and how I will react to their possible moves after."

Planning- Students learn to begin with the end in mind and to develop steps in order to reach their goals. "what do I need to move first, in order to....? I lost the last game because...., what can I do this time to prevent that error from happening again?"

Calculation- Students must consider several possibilities all at once. "If I take this piece, these are the next possible exchanges." "If I am up on the exchange, I will have the advantage, but if not, I will need to revaluate the plan at hand and consider other options."